WOODLANDERS is traveling JAPAN for the month of November and needs your HELP!


I have been joined by Erin Humphrey and Peter Cramer who are well connected in the Japanese culture and who are making this Japan trip possible! Together the three of use are documenting four different stories about Japanese traditions in the forest. We are traveling to Kamikatsu, Yusuhara and Kunisaki Peninsula. Donations go toward road tolls, gas, lodging, food, gear and other travel expenses.  We have completed the first one and are working on three more!

Please Donate what you can to help us complete these epsiodes and cover your extended travel costs!

1. Japanese Mountain Charcoal. In the mountains of Kamikatsu there is along tradition of making Charcoal. We filmed the making of charcoal in a clay kiln with Mr.Matsubata and toured a few other charcoal kilns around Kamikatsu. 


2. Shin Rin Yoku. In the town Yusuhara the medicinal therapy known as Shin Rin Yoku is taking root and therapy guides, doctors and even the town mayor are all helping people get the benefits from this forest therapy. 

3. IRODORI. In the town of Kamikatsu a new business model selling beautiful leaves to restaurants for decorations helps employ elderly people and gives them an opportunity to work in the forest.

4.SHIITAKE On the Oita Peninsula the biggest forest grown shiitake farm in Japan continues an ancient tradition of growing mushrooms on logs in the woods.