WOODLANDERS is an online film series that seeks to document the work of people who care for and depend on forests for their livelihood and well-being throughout the world. 

Even among today's progressive movements of local economy and food systems, the vast global knowledge of forest livelihoods and economies are mostly undervalued and undocumented. From woodcraft and nut tree cultures of ancient Europe, to mushroom and forest medicines of Asia, there many fascinating ways of creating sustainable economies from the forests while maintaining their ecological health and complexity. While filming INHABIT I fell in love with woodland cultures and felt called to research further. Over the past year I began to create an accessible archive of these stories and I hope to share this inspiring world with you. Sustainable relationships with forests regenerate and protect these wild places while also offering livelihoods to humans. Each episode will focus on a person or culture who has a sustainable relationship and/or livelihood with a forest. Join me on the journey and learn how much forests can offer.


WOODLANDERS is being crowd-funded on a new platform called PATREON! It is just like KICKSTARTERbut it is an ongoing subscription based service! I don't like ads and I want these films to be freely available. In order to do this I need your help... If you pledge an amount today you will be charged that amount every time I release a new episode. This recurring pledge will allow me to make these videos ongoing and free (without ads!) while offering REWARDS to the subscriber. Visit the PATREON page to learn about the many REWARD LEVELS and benefits of becoming a PATRON!

Costa Boutsikaris is a filmmaker from the Hudson Valley of New York. In 2015 he released his first documentary film INHABIT: A Permaculture Perspective. It screened in over 25 film festivals in over 8 countries and picked up a handful of accolades including the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at both the Yale and Princeton Environmental Film Festivals!                                                                        Learn More about INHABIT at www.INHABITFILM.com